Cleveland Creek Log and Lodge Furniture has been building custom, hand-crafted
furniture out of native Aspen, Beetle Kill Pine, Barn wood and Juniper since 2001.
We specialize in using highly charactered Aspen (Elk Chew) which is unique to the
Aspen and found where the Elk herds winter.  We are environmentally green by
harvesting only dead standing trees helping to thin local Colorado forests.

We also carry furniture built from a variety of other woods, such as Walnut, Golden
Birch, and Hickory.

We are a family owned, Colorado based company, located in the foothills on the
Eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.  We currently co-own, operate and build for
our retail store located in Lakewood, Colorado.  Our website is just a small sample
of the many custom products we create and is not limited to these pieces.  We can
build any custom furniture to your specification.  All ideas are welcome.  

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